Changes in duties of the US secret service agents

Notera att denna artikel är från 2017.
Minkskinn säljs som aldrig förr. Och det är den snabbt växande medelklassen i Kina som alltmer efterfrågar minkpälsen. Branschen talar om en vinstutveckling som saknar motstycke.(TT)

It is hard to find a person in the US, who don't know aboutthe Secret Service. There is a great number of books and films that are related to this topic. However, most people have quite a romantic impression about the life of secret service agents. In reality, this is a serious organization that was created in 1865. In that times, it didn’t have any of the responsibilities that it has now. The main duty of its agents was to fight against counterfeiting. Only in 1894, after two assassinations of the president, this organization got broader protection duties. After this, the Secret Service started to protect the presidents. Later, it was decided that not only the president but also other important politician figures and family of the presidents also require protection. Nowadays, the Secret Service protects the president, his/her family, and provide other security measures during presidential campaigns. In general, this is a serious agency that is responsible for the safety of the US leaders.

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